Easy Installer show progress on console port

Is it possible to have the Easy Installer show an installation progress bar through the console port?

We would like to give feedback to technicians that the installation is progressing, similar to the progress bar visible when using the Easy installer with an HDMI display. Our product does not have a display, however it does have a console port that can be accessed during manufacturing. Currently, the console port does not display any information during the installation, but we would like to change that. A progress bar would be ideal, but status messages may work well too.


Currently Toradex Easy installer does not support command line interface. We have plans to implement it but no deadline is set. If your device has a network connection you can use VNC/RDP client on a laptop to access installer GUI. Please see details here.

Thanks for the quick response. Is there setup that needs to be done to connect using RDP? I have attempted to connect using both Ethernet and USB RNDIS, but my host computer has been unable to find the device in both conditions.

Actually, I figured out that I need to use VNC because we have version 1.8 of the easy installer. However it is currently only working with Ethernet and not USB RNDIS. Is there setup that needs to be done to connect over USB RNDIS? Thanks!

RNDIS works out of box on my Windows desktop. Are you using Linux? What carrier board do you have and how it’s connected to your desktop?

I am using a Windows 10 laptop. I am using the Ixora carrier board and am connecting it to my laptop through the X8 bottom USB connector

Did you remove X9 jumper on Ixora board?

I have left JP2 in the default position (closed)

You need to remove JP2.

To use the micro-USB receptacle X9 on the lower side of the PCB in USB device mode you would need removing JP2 first. Plus, as the lower USB 3.0 host receptacle X8 and the micro-USB receptacle X9 share the USBOTG1 interface you would need to make sure nothing is plugged into the lower X8 while using X9.