Easy Installer HDMI

Dear Toradex,

We are having some problems using the Toradex Easy Installer in our custom hardware. We are using the Apalis imx8 module mounted in our custom hardware without HDMI.

When we connect to the serial console with a standard Apalis module, we cannot write anything.

We have prepared a SD card with the Toradex Easy Installer (Apalis iMX8 5.7.2+build.14), overlays.txt modified (“fdt_overlays=”, without hdmi dtbo) and a custom image with autoinstall = true. With this SD card we can write to the serial console and hope that our image is installed, but the vnc server is not running and we cannot check the installation process. We wait a long time and then reboot, but our custom image is not installed.

We notice that we have a different error code compared to ixora.

With our hardware:
[ 20.594093] [drm:cdns_hdmi_get_edid_block] ERROR get block[0] edid failed: -110
[ 20.601653] [drm:cdns_hdmi_connector_get_modes] ERROR Invalid edid

With ixora:
[ 4.916885] [drm:cdns_hdmi_get_edid_block] ERROR Get block[0] edid failed: -22
[ 4.924310] [drm:cdns_hdmi_connector_get_modes] ERROR Invalid edid

So our question is, do we need a HDMI to run the Easy Installer? Or do we have some other unknown problem?

No, HDMI is not mandatory to use the Easy Installer. You can either:


  • Prepare a local media (USB stick or SD card ) with desired Image and change autoinstall property to “true” to make that image be programmed automatically upon Easy Installer start. Then you can use wrapup_script to send a message about programming completion to debug console. Thus you will need a serial console only.

Hello @franc ,
Were you able to solve your issue with the info provided by @alex.tx?
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