Easy Installer - Automatically boot tezi user image post program

Production programming question.

Q. Can wrapup.sh in a Tezi-based image be configured to automatically boot a user-image after programming using the factory Easy Installer without a manual power on reset?

I am using the autoinstall attribute in image.json, but I am still prompted to perform a power on reset after programming completes… After a reset, the image always boots correctly.

I would like to automate this process, so after installation, the installed image automatically boots.

I was hoping the Easy Installer image has some kind of jump/branch-to-installation binary I can could from wrapup.sh.

Hello jsneyd.

You can issue any valid command in the wrapup script, e.g. reboot -f to force a reboot. However, be aware that this way you are abruptly terminating execution of the Easy Installer. If your image is in an SD card, for example, the volume will not be properly unmounted and you may experience data corruption if you are doing other read/write operations in the wrapup script (in fact the kernel will warn you about this during the reboot). There might be some way to unmount the volume prior to rebooting from the script itself, but it may not be very elegant (e.g. using a cron job in the future or executing a script in the background outside the volume).

We will consider adding an option for autorebooting in the image.json, which is a cleaner solution.