Easy Installer 1.4 freezes at the beginning when flashing the image

I am trying to flash the demo image using the latest EasyInstaller. Based on this article, I’ve downoaded EasyInstaller 1.4 for IMX6DL from this URL:


and the demo image for IMX6DL:


The EasyInstaller starts flashing the image but freezes around %1. The mouse and the marketing images are responsive (it’s not a kernel carsh), but the progress bar doesn’t advance at all.

I’ve tried both MMC and USB flash disk as carrier for the image, but it didn’t make any difference.

I have uploaded some of the logs of easy installer that could help to debug this issue. Note the CPU seems to be idle : Download - Toradex File Sharing Platform

What you are seeing is probably the following known issue. Either plug in Ethernet/Internet to have the date/time automatically be set or manually do so. The upcoming version 1.5 will have this fixed.

Hi Marcel, my image freezes around 3%. When I set clock manually with “date -s 2018-04-10” my image freezes around 93%. Do you have any advice for me? Regards Davide

Have you tried to set it to more recent date? Or even future (2020-01-01)? The date you set must be after the timestamps of the files in the images.

Also, do you see and warning/errors during the flashing on the serial debug?

Unfortunately, the serial debug won’t show you anything but cat /var/volatile/tezi.log would.

Oh I didn’t know that. Thanks for mentioning it.

You are very welcome.

BTW: Toradex Easy Installer 1.5 got released yesterday.

Great Marcel, thank you. I try new easy installer. Regards Davide

You are very welcome.