Eagle Files

Hi, Would anyone mind converting the Colibri Evaluation Board into a format compatible with Eagle please.
I did come across the OrCAD conversion which said they are converted to ASCII however, I am unable to see those files from within the Eagle software.

Many thanks in advance.

Eagle should be able to import the ASCII files you can find here: https://www.toradex.com/community/questions/1121/toradex-carrier-board-file-in-orcad-format.html. I found this forum post discussing the import: https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/eagle-forum/importing-files-from-altium-designer-to-eagle/td-p/6827258. Unfortunately, I am not able to test the import, since I do not have Eagle.

Hi peter.tx, thank you for your reply and the links, looking at the guide they used the ULP I will give it a go.

You are welcome.

Best regards,