Dunfell to Kirkstone migration for Apalis iMX8


My team and I have been working on code modifications which sit on top of Toradex BSP 5.7.0 for Apalis iMX8. Work mainly revolves around introducing kernel drivers, patches and device tree changes. We noticed that BSP 6.0.0 has been released on 2022-10-01 (ref), and made some attempts at adapting our current modifications to suit the new BSP.

We began to notice major differences between BSP 5.7.0 and 6.0.0- More specifically, base device tree files for Apalis iMX8 appear to be missing from linux-toradex toradex_5.15-2.0.x-imx branch. The CONFIG_PREBOOT identifier used in apalis-imx8_defconfig previously available in u-boot-toradex’s toradex_imx_v2020.04_5.4.70_2.3.0 branch also appears to be missing in that of the toradex_imx_lf_v2022.04 branch.

Looking at the documentation for building Toradex’s reference images, the latest release is still specified to be 5.x.y. Is BSP 6.0.0 not ready for production? From the BSP issue tracker, it seems like certain features involving the kernel are not yet implemented for 6.0.0. Should we wait until all relevant features for Apalis iMX8 are implemented, before attempting to develop on top of the BSP code?

Appreciate any advice we can get!

Hi @HatsyRei ,

Thanks for contacting Toradex community.

Yes you are correct for production ready/usecase please wait for upcoming release. Support for Apalis iMX8 and Colibri iMX8X is planned in the next releases

You can still try, please check manifest for BSP 6 below:


Let me know if you have further query.
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Ritesh Kumar

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