Dump flash contents from Colibri T20 and flash new SoM

We need to dump the flash contents from an old Colibri T20 board onto a new board.

We received a client’s not functioning Colibri T20 board and we need to dump all of the flash contents onto a new working Colibri T20. Fortunately recovery mode is working, and we have been able to connect with the nvflash tool but we are not sure how to dump and flash onto a new board.

Please advice.

Colibri T20 has a raw NAND as mass storage device . And we are using UBI file system . You can nodify nvflash tool script to load U_Boot only and then use a ubi read command to read data form UBI partition to RAM and then copy it to USB stick or SD card. Since RAM size is significantly smaller than RootFS you will need to create some script to do coping chunk by chunk. Please refer to the U_boot UBI commands descriptions for details. Please note - if UBI metadata is corrupted you will not be able to easily restore partition(s) content.


The application is based on the older V2.3 linux image which apparently uses YAFFS file system instead of the UBI file system.

What do you advice in this case?

According to Toradex Embedded Linux Support Strategy the Maintenance Duration 3 years after the release . The v2.3 vas released 8 years ago. I strongly recommend updating to at least version 2.8.
This thread may be useful if you would like to proceed with JAFFS - [U-Boot] Fw:How can I use yaffs2 in uboot