Dual or Mutiple IP address in T30 Ethernet Adapter in WindowsCE2013

Colibri T30 hast an Ethernet module. Is more than one IP address possibel to use for a T30?
We used two IPs and two Subnet masks, but only first IP was possible to ping to.
Is ti generally thought to use dual IP address inside an Adapter?

Thank you in advance for support.

How do you use two IPs? Did you add an additional ethernet adapter? If you have two ethernet adpaters attached, I don’t think there is an issue in case you set up your network configuration properly (different subnes, gateway settings, …).

I am also interested in this topic. We have a case where we would like to assign multiple IP addresses (up to 4) to one network interface (NIC) under WinCE 2013.

Under Windows 7/10 and Linux this works.

Found this old post for WinCE 6/7: https://e2e.ti.com/support/embedded/wince/f/353/t/260711

Microsoft documentation isn’t clear if I can add two IP addresses on one interface:
IPAddress : REG_MULTI_SZ : This value is not set by default. This value specifies the IP addresses of the IP interfaces

Did a quick test and added two IP addresses to the registry and two subnet but didn’t worked.

Any idea if this is possible and how?

There is an other thread that may ansers also the question of @Saph. Please check this question on the community.