Dual Display OpenGL HDMI

Hello guys. I have a question and I need your help.

Is it possible to load a .jpg image on the second screen using OpenGL, or something like this, with VS2008 on a T20?

For example, on the first screen (LCD touch) showing the user application, on the second (HDMI) screen displaying the .jpg full screen image.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


Yes, for Tegra T20/T30 we have a Multidisplay library that allows you to create a OpenGL renderer on the second (HDMI) screen.

In the attached file you will find the VisualStudio Project, the required OpenGL headers and libs (in case not included in your SDK yet, copy them to the SDK inc and lib folder), and a prebuilt version of the sample for quick test (exe+dll)

Let me know if you have more questions.

MultiDisplay Library