Dual-band dipole antenna for WiFi

Do we need the dual-band dipole antenna for the WiFi to work?
Apparently, the iMX8 can see the WiFi SSID but it cannot connect after I enter my password. Do I need the dual-band dipole antenna for this to work?
Here is the screenshot. Please advise.
alt text

Btw, I have entered my SSID password many times but still giving me the same error message.

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It is highly advised to have an antenna attached when using either the wifi or bluetooth. While it is possible to use these interfaces without an antenna it can be hard to use and in extreme cases even damage the wifi/bluetooth chip.

What I assume is happening is perhaps the connection is so poor without an antenna that when you enter the password it takes too long possibly resulting in a timeout. Which is why it errors out as “secrets not provided”.

However in the event that it is actually a bug could you share what version of TorizonCore you are working with? You can get this via the output of cat /etc/issue

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Though you need some antenna to be connected this problem does not relate to signal strength. Please check this discussion.

Thank you. I read the issues and answers and it worked.

Thank you. The link that Alex gave me worked. Here is what I did:

nmcli con delete

Then reconnect using

nmcli dev wifi connect password

Here is what I did:
nmcli con delete

Then reconnect using

nmcli dev wifi connect password

Thanks for update!

Ok. I have another question. Sometimes, the ‘nmcli wifi list’ detects my SSID and sometimes it does not. When it finally connects to my SSID, sometimes my ‘ping’ is fast and sometimes it’s slow. It looks like I have flaky connection. My ‘docker pull’ times out. I have attached several screenshots. So, it looks like I do need the dual-band dipole antenna for a more stable wifi connection.
What do you think?
link text

Do you have an antenna connected to"Main" connector on WiFi/BT module?

Not yet. I do not have an antenna yet. Is that the problem?
I will go ahead and purchase it online.

This module requires at least one antenna to be connected. It’s better to have a dual antenna.

Ok. This is what I purchased today:
Dual-Band Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Dipole Antenna. Is this the correct one to get my WiFi to be more stable?

Are you talking about this one? Yes it’s a right one. Don’t forget to order a cable.