DSI support on TK1

Is MIPI DSI supported by TK1 with Linux 2.7B2 ? I find ‘Enable DSI panel’ in Linux kernel configuration.

While so far we never tested any DSI configuration in theory it should be working with whatever NVIDIA L4T Linux kernel we are basing our BSP on. Please note however that there definitely would be changes to the Linux kernel sources needed at least to the platform data for the graphics subsystem.

Thanks. We will test it when getting DSI panel from customer.

Is there an update to this now, 6 months later? Our client is also using a TK1 and we are currently looking through options for a required touch display panel. DSI is one of the two potential direct-to-LCD interfaces (LVDS is the other) since the TK1 doesn’t support the industry predominant RGB parallel interface. We have considered the HDMI to RGB bridge route but have run into a limitation that forced us to rule out panels below a certain size/resolution.

No, so far we have not heard of embedded/industrial customers having adopted any DSI displays despite the fact that DSI has been available as a type specific interface even on Apalis T30 or Apalis iMX6 now for many years.