Driving LVDS with 2 independent channels


Does Apalis TK1 / Ixora board support LVDS signal that forms signal for left/right part of the picture rather than odd/even lines ?


No, as a matter of fact NVIDIA’s TK1 implementation of LVDS is single channel only. Please have a look at their design guide for reference.

If you do require dual channel LVDS you would need to do your own custom carrier board using e.g. a NXP PTN3460 or Parade Technologies PS8625 eDP to LVDS bridge chip. However I doubt even those would support such an exotic left/right mode as it would require buffering a full frame. May I ask what exact display you are planning to use which requires this?


Thank you for confirming that this does not come OOB. The panel would be LG LA123WF1, but due to complex driving this won’t be a good solution. On a side note, I designed across the Ixora board which supports dual channel LVDS and there is no word that I would get just a single if I will go with TK1. Sure, now that I look separately in TK1 datasheet, I states just single. Guess it’s time to go back to drawing board :frowning:

Sorry about that. I guess such a feature mismatch between the carrier board and a specific module is unfortunately quite a common misconception. We do however state very clearly everywhere that the Apalis TK1 can only drive a single channel LVDS display.