Driver porting on QNX

Hello Toradex developer professionals,

I have a requirement to work on porting of driver for the replacement of a COM.
We have a custom embedded board which uses “Apalis iMX8QM 4GB WB IT V1.1C” COM, Toradex suggested replacement with newer version “Apalis iMX8QM 4GB WB IT V1.1E”. It sits on Mobile PCI Express Connector. OS is QNX. This module supports “HDMI, USB, EtherCAT”.
Whether drivers are available for this Module? Where I can download? This is portable to QNX? for which ver of QNX OS?
How I can port? steps?
Can any one give useful links for tutorials, videos, docs, samples, …
Thank you!

Hi @ASrikanth,

Please check below link for more detail

Additionally we have already shared contact detail for India region on separate email who can help you to get in touch with QNX support. If you have not received e-mail kindly let us know we will send again.
QNX is supported through our partner on supported module.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar