Driver for second ethernet port


on our carrier board for iMX7D we have a KSZ8041 phy. For interfacing the phy we want to use RMII as described in the imx7 datasheet.

In the registry we occupy the relevant pins with the alternate functions.

Do you currently support the second ethernet port respectively have a driver?

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Currently there is no support for 2nd ENET on iMX7. Driver would need to be modified and tested.

Do you have any timeline on when do you need this?

Thanks for the answer.

The feature is planned at the end of october.

Maybe this date is possible for you.

Do you need both Ethernets at the same time or just 2nd one?

We need both at the same time (in future the second one for EtherCat or Ethernet/IP).

I think that’s possible. Only need the address. You can also contact me through e-mail.

Was this issue ever resolved? We have the same requirement.

Dear @systemix

The issue was never resolved. One major roadblock was that we never had a hardware available supporting the second Ethernet controller on RMII.
Would it be an option for you to provide us such a hardware? If yes, I will verify internally how much resources we could put into debugging the problem.

Regards, Andy

Hi Andy. I later found this posting: . Is it relevant, or is the eMMC Colbri module different in some substantial way from the original i.MX7D module?

Hi @systemix

The difference of the module is only in the flash storage and therefore not relevant for the Ethernet issue.
However, the post was for Linux, which has a major impact on how the second instance needs to be activated.

Regards, Andy

Ah. We are, indeed, using Linux. But I missed that the author of this post was talking about WCE. Thanks for clearing up my confusion.