Dont get actual templates

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i am working with the Torizon IDE Extension in vscode in WSL. i updated the extension to v2.2.102.
according to the changelog here Releases · toradex/vscode-torizon-templates · GitHub the avalonia template was updated to 11.0.2. but when i create a new project using the template or try updating my existing project i wont get a 11.0.2 project. what could i be doing wrong so that i am still getting old template version?

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i had to
uninstall the extension → shutdown wsl completly (wsl --shutdown) → restart vscode → install extension again
then i got the new templates.
it seems that anything keeps running in background and avoids gettings the new stuff when you only restart vscode

Hi @tisis2 ,

If I understood right, you manged to solve the issue you were having, is this correct?

As a quick note, to update the templates, you can also manually run a task called try-update-template by clicking on it in the task runner of an open project, like shown in the image below:

If this topic is resolved, can you mark the relevant post as the solution?

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hi there,

yes i got it to work in my use case.
you got me wrong, it was not about updating my project. the issue was that the try-update-template task never got the real up to date template. so i did not get newest changes of templates since the templates that come with the extension were not updated themself.

Hi @tisis2 ,

OK, I think I understood now what you meant. Currently you can force the extension to redownload the latest templates by deleting the directory ~/.apollox/.

The extension should redownload everything next time you start it.

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Lucas Akira

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