Does Torizon require Windows 10 on the development PC?

I think I have already figured this out, but I want to check with you. My main development PC is running Windows 7. I installed Docker Toolset and the Torizon Visual Studio extension but it didn’t work as the Torizon extension could not find docker.

Then I switched to a Windows 10 PC and installed Docker for Windows, Visual Studio and Torizon. That did seem to work.

Docker for Windows only supports Windows 10, so that makes me think that Torizon only works on Windows 10 as well. Is that right?

Greetings @MikeS,

Yes you are correct. The current iteration of Docker requires at least Windows 10 pro. What you have installed on your Windows 7 machine seems to be the Docker Toolbox, a version of Docker that can run on legacy machines.

All development and testing for the Visual Studio extension has been on Windows 10 machines so far. Currently there is no plan on making this extension compatible with the Docker Toolbox.

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So if I have linux host machine, I cannot use visual studio extension??

Hi @garima09,

Unfortunately no since Visual Studio is a windows only IDE. However the Torizon team is looking at perhaps providing similar plugins/extensions to Visual Studio Code which is a OS agnostic IDE.

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