Does Toradex provide a standard thermal solution for the Apalis modules?

I am using the Apalis T30 module in a CPU intensive application. It would probably better to use a thermal solution. Do you provide an easy to use thermal solution or could you give me some recommendation to design my own thermal sink?

Toradex provides a complete thermal solution for the Apalis modules: the Apalis Heatsink.

The same Heat Sink is used with different TIMs (Thermal Interface Material) to be compatible with all the Apalis Modules. In particular, the Apalis Heatsink Type 2 is the one compatible with the Apalis T30 module.

Further details of the Apalis Heatsink can be found on the following developer website:

This page contains also a 3D step model ( of the Apalis Heatsink, it can be used as starting point or reference for the design of your customized thermal solution.