Does the Yocto core support NFS?

I’m new to this community and maybe this question looks pretty simple but I had never worked before with this embedded Linux distro. Does the Yocto core support NFS?

Hi @IgnacioF !

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Answering your question: yes, you can add NFS support to your Linux distro on Yocto. You can use this recipe from the openembeddedcore-layer: OpenEmbedded Layer Index - nfs-utils

Since you said that you have never worked with embedded Linux, I’ll try to give a little bit of context.

When using Yocto Project (which you can see as a tool), you compile a whole operating system based on Linux. You create your own Linux distro (distribution). Here, you can customize (almost) every aspect of your operating system. There is a lot of layers with recipes within that you can add to your set of layers/recipes, so the source files are downloaded, compiled and packed into you distro. It is known to have a steep learning curve.

Toradex also has TorizonCore, which is a ready and easy to use OS for the modules: TorizonCore - Easy-to-use Industrial Linux Platform. It has:

  • integration with VSCode (through the VSCode extension for TorizonCore), so you can make applications in several programming languages
  • integration with the Torizon OTA
  • TorizonCore Builder Tool to customize the OS

Best regards!