Does the linux-toradex OE recipe support configuration fragments?

I’m hoping to be able to add linux-yocto style kernel configuration fragments to a custom layer, while still using the linux-toradex kernel recipe. Is this supported in LinuxImageV2.6Beta2?

No, at least not with our Linux kernel sources as used in our regular BSPs as this would require a major preparatory effort.

However I guess this may work with certain community BSPs given a particular module is supported there (e.g. our NXP based modules) or with any vanilla Linaro/Yocto kernel given a suitable device tree.

What is the preferred method to add additional kernel modules to the build recipe? Just replace your defconfig in my layer?

@prutschman yes, replacing the defconfig with the recipe is one option. Another common approach when writing a bbappend to a kernel recipe is to manipulate the defconfig in the work directory using a do_configure_prepend script. An example of this can be seen in the meta-boot2qt layer. The latter approach is a bit more flexible when needing to apply the bbappend to more than one machine configuration or for forward porting it to newer kernel revs.

That latter approach looks like exactly what I want. Thank you!

This is what I did in my .bbappend:

do_configure_prepend () {
for cfgFile in $(ls ${WORKDIR}/*.cfg); do
cat “$cfgFile” >> WORKDIR}/defconfig