Does Colibri imx6 support wake on LAN function?

Dear Support Team,

Does colibri imx6S/DL support wake on LAN function under Linux? I have tested according to below community article with latest Linux release V2.7, it works on Apalis iMX6, but failed on Colibri imx6, the magic packet can’t resume colibri imx6, could you help on this?

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Wake-on-LAN is not supported on Coibri iMX6, the Micrel Ethernet PHY KSZ8041 does not support WOL/Magic packet detection and a Ethernet MAC-based solution has not been implemented…

Note also that Ethernet normally requires more than half a Watt to operate itself. The module in Idle is well below 1 Watt… compared to full-fledged x86 systems the relative power savings are rather small with ARM, since the module is already very low power (relative to Ethernet or complete x86 systems…)