Does "bootaux comple" as opposed to "bootaux complete" tell me something?

I’m not getting the expected behaviour with the rpmsg_lite_str_echo_rtos on a Colibri i.MX8X using Torizon 6.5. Setup seems to be as it should be on the Linux side but I get nothing on/from the M4 and the /dev/ttyRPMSGxx device does not appear in Linux

The example was built as is from the SDK apart from changing the M4 UART to use SOM pins 144 and 146 rather than the default close-coupled ADC pins which are not brought out on the SOM. It was compiled with arm-none-eabi-gcc version 13.2.1 20231009 (Arm GNU Toolchain 13.2.rel1 (Build arm-13.7)) - the latest version from the toolchain link in Setting Up MCUXpresso SDK and Toolchain for Cortex-M development | Toradex Developer Center at the time I set things up.

I have confirmed from the map file that the code is linked into the correct address space on the M4 side.

I am loading and booting the M4 using U-Boot (manually at present - I interrupt U-Boot, manually load and boot the M4, then allow U-Boot to continue).

I am at present loading the elf file rather than the bin (it isn’t at all clear to me from the documentation which I should be using as different examples seem to vary). I don’t believe the behaviour was any different when I tried the bin.

In the U-Boot console I get

Colibri iMX8X # run m4boot_0
609180 bytes read in 19 ms (30.6 MiB/s)
Power on aux core 0
Copy image from 0x95c00000 to 0x34fe0000
Start M4
bootaux comple

the final line says “bootaux comple” rather than “bootaux complete”. Is this expected behaviour or is it telling me there was a problem starting the M4?

It appears that “bootaux comple” is significant.

My underlying issue seems to be that the elf image was not being correctly loaded. For some reason which is unclear, the bin was also originally not being loaded correctly.

However (and this name change may be coincidence) loading the bin as “m4image.bin” has made it work - I get messages on the M4 serial console, RPMsg is working, and U-Boot reports “bootaux complete”