Docker exception while creating new C/C++ project

I’m new with torizon platform. I’ve followed all the steps for the getting start.
My aim is to build and run a CPP code with make file in toradex. I’ve created one C/C++ code initially. Now when I was trying to replicate same one more time, I’m getting a docker exception shown below.

ERROR:root:Error: 530 Local docker exception. Docker exception: Get "": Failed to lookup host:
message:Get "": Failed to lookup host:
Step 1/4 : FROM torizon/debian-cross-toolchain-arm64:2-bullseye


Please help me out of this.

Greetings @kkabh,

According to the error given, it appears Docker is unable to reach or contact the DockerHub registry in order to fetch the torizon/debian-cross-toolchain-arm64:2-bullseye container image. There could be a number of reasons for this.

Off the top of my head it could be a network issue, or perhaps Docker isn’t setup correctly on your machine. Are you working in a Linux or Windows machine? Also can you perform docker pull on this machine? Or does it result in a similar error?

Perhaps re-installing Docker may just work.

Best Regards,

I have similar problem and wonder if anyone has a solution ?

Hi @ducnn,

As said in my initial reply, the issue seems to be more network related than with our extension. At this point the extension is just reaching out to the Dockerhub registry to fetch a container image. If for some reason the registry can’t be reached you’d see a similar error to what is depicted in this thread.

I imagine some kind of network limitation or firewall could cause this. Especially on Windows machines which are generally more restrictive.

Best Regards,

My issue is solved. It due to my docker desktop. Docker was not running properly due to some network/vpn issue.

@kkabh Thank you for replying back with more details about your issue. @ducnn Perhaps Docker is not running properly on your system in a similar way?

Best Regards,

Hi Jeremias,
Yes, I think so but I cannot prove it yet. I am contacting my IT department but they are not experts in Docker :unamused: