Docker does not seem to be installed on your PC (or shared inside this container)

Dear support,

I am following the instructions on C/C++ Development and Debugging on TorizonCore Using Visual Studio Code | Toradex Developer Center in order to set up the Visual Studio Code environment.
I encountered the following error during the installation of the Toradex Torizon Support extension and the installation hangs “forever”:

[06-02 12:34:31.850] Initializing Torizon Extension
[06-02 12:34:31.855] Checking system setup…
[06-02 12:34:31.856] Docker does not seem to be installed on your PC (or shared inside this container), this will prevent many of the features of Torizon extension from working.
[06-02 12:34:31.856] Checking Moses …
[06-02 12:34:31.856] Starting backend local instance running on port 5000
[06-02 12:34:38.727] Torizon Backend version 1.0.0 API version: 1.1.6
[06-02 12:34:38.727] Torizon IDE backend started
[06-02 12:34:38.727] Checking Docker …

I did install Docker Desktop and it is actually running during the installation of the extension.
In a terminal:

$ which docker
$ docker --version
Docker version 20.10.17, build 100c701

Any idea what is going wrong ? As the error message suggests, I think there is a problem with the path (in a container??) but I don’t know where to change this. The “regular” PATH variable in bash does include the path to docker:

$ echo $PATH

Being more specific: I am trying to get the setup running for more than one day. Initially, I managed to install Docker Desktop, VS Code and the Toradex extension (asking for a remote device, etc. I could see it in VS Code) but when installing the Remote Container extension I got similar problems not finding docker. Therefore I uninstalled everything and started over again. So I know it can work but something is keeping me from getting the the finish !

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Could this be be of any help ? In the settings of the extension, there is an empty field with a red box below it :

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Hi @ompie ,

It seems that the docker daemon is not running on your host machine.

Which operating system are you using on your host machine? What is the output of systemctl status docker?

Regarding the extension setting, it is empty by default, so I don’t think this is related to your issue.

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Lucas Akira

Hi Lucas,
I’m running Ubuntu 22.04.
Concerning the output you’re asking for:

$ systemctl status docker
Unit docker.service could not be found.

So the problem is indeed the deamon not running because it isn’t even known to systemctl.
Do you know how I can install/register it ?
If not, I’ll try to find it out myself.

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Hello @ompie
You can try removing Docker Desktop and installing Docker Engine.
To do so please follow the instructions here:

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Hello Josep,

Thank you so much for pointing me to the correct page§ I have been trying to install Docker Engine (which I did initially until other things went wrong) but I did not find the right page. I ended up on a page on the Docker website that basiclly said to install Docket Desktop because Docker Engine is part of it. Very confusing.

Anyway, this particular issue is solved and I can continue.

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