Docker containers in dockerhub


I am new to embedded systems, and was assigned to create an application using Single Board Computer (SBC). We are in the process of getting a Toradex board.

While I am waiting for the board, I am trying to download torizon/qt5-wayland from dockerhub (docker pull torizon/qt5-wayland), but not successful, I got “not found error”. Is this container available or did I do anything wrong?

Assume I get the container, and run the container, I know I can edit files in the container terminal. I am trying to create a program for using QtSerialPort to sent data over serial port. Is there a way to use Visual Studio to edit, debug and compile the code directly?

Please forgive my ignorance, I am new to Toradex, still reading documents trying to figure out how to make it work.

Ok, I guess my understanding was wrong. I previous thought all torizon containers are for two systems: aarch64 and amd64. I guess this torizon/qt5-wayland is only for aarch64.

Another question: I really want to run qtcreator in torizon container, is there any torizon containers that already have qtcreator, or I have to create dockfile myself to make qtcreator work in torizon containers.


Hey @matty,

Welcome to the community and forums! Between our community forums (this one) and our developer website, these two places to gain a significant amount of information.

I think you will find the most value using our Visual Studio IDE Extension. We have quite a bit of developer guides on it starting here Our IDE Extension uses the docker visual studio code extension, so there is some simplification there to make development easier. I would recommend completing the Development Workflow on that link starting with setting up the environment. You’ll learn quite. And if a technical block comes through, you can always ask on this forum, or using the searching mechanism to see if its been previously answered. We like to answer quickly, but nothings quicker than an already answered question.

One bit of information that I think is useful to starting is understanding whats already included in the OS, specifically Torizon OS. The linux kernel, the docker runtime, and over the air updates are already baked into the OS. And that you are using docker, your application can run onto the OS. Here is our intro into the operating system.

Usually there is some modification that is needed to the OS, be it adding device tree modifications, adding kernel modules, locally required files/modifications. This is done with TorizonCore Builder, which can either be done via the IDE extension (you will see this as “Torizoncore Builder Project” or a stand alone tool "Torizoncore-Builder"

This was quite a lot, but I think it is helpful for starting up. Feel free to ask questions.


To add to your QT question. It is very common to have QT containers running on Torizon OS.
Here is our guide:

Thanks eric.tx.

After more reading, I guess Torizon is like a SDK, where we can directly create QT programs, debug, compile in Visual studio, then apply executable to aarch64, so we really don’t need qtcreator.


Hey @matty,

Just checking in, how are you doing with this?


Thanks eric.tx. We got the Verdin IMX8M with Mallow board on Monday. Everything is great.

Question: I saw some video in showing VS with Torizon Extension can automatically detect the Torizon computer as connected device. I am using router to connect my Toradex computer with my host computer, I have to manually add Torizon device. is this correct or did I miss anything? Thanks.

Hey @matty,

Good to hear!

That is a correct way to add a device. There is a refresh button that will ‘scan the network,’ but adding a device manually accomplishes the same thing. Sometimes the network doesn’t always pick up the device the first try, so manually adding is easier.