Docker Container Update using USB FLASH drive

I realize that the Torizon OTA update process is in early development, but I was wondering if you had plans to configure it to support local sources, such as a USB FLASH drive.

Our applications will not have internet access, but we still want the end user to be able to easily update the application. Ideally, the user would connect a USB FLASH drive, reboot (or use a software trigger), and the docker container would automatically update.

Currently, we’re implementing this type of functionality using a custom uBoot configuration, but Docker is much more appealing to us. (We’re hardware engineers, not software developers :slight_smile: Consequently, it would be really nice if Torizon supported something like this out-of-the-box.

Torizon is looking very interesting to a lot of people at my company, BTW. Adding Docker support to your SOM’s is a big bonus.

Greetings @btravers,

The OTA service/system we are currently working on at the moment does not plan to support updates from non-network media. However the update framework that we are using OSTree does support such an option.

Alternatively another idea would be to store the Docker image you want to update to on your USB/external media then have some kind of systemd service that checks for external medias. If found then you could have docker load this image, thereby updating your container.

Otherwise thank you for your feedback, we consider these suggestions with Torizon and it’s surrounding services.

Best Regards,

Thank you for the information and suggestions! I will definitely look into that.


We have also recently posted news about our OTA efforts on our Labs page which includes other projects that are currently being worked on in innovation here on Toradex.

This page will continually be updated as the project matures.

Very cool, thank you – I will keep an eye on it.

You are welcome.