Do you have a list of services and which ports are used by Windows?

We are working with the module colibri iMX6DL running WEC7, we execute an app that uses some of the ports that Windows uses as default. What we need is a list of the services to determine which ones we can disable and not interfere with our program.

You can see the ports that are currently used by typing:
netstat -n
on the command prompt.
The default image has telnet (port 23), FTP (port 21) and HTTP (ports 80 and 443) services running on TCP ports.
Other services use UTP ports and those are NTP (123) used by the SNTP service and ports 137 and 138 used by netbios.

You can see a list of running services by typing:

services list

at the command prompt.

You can stop them by using:

service stop TEL0:

(to stop telnet, service name can change)

You can prevent services from loading at boot by editing the keys under


each service has a dll entry, by changing the name of the dll, for example adding an underscore before it, you’ll prevent it from loading at next reboot.

Most of the ports can be used by apps if you disable the service that is using them in this way.

To disable NETBIOS you have to build a custom image.

Thank you
Testint the “netstat -n” command, there is no feedback. Are we doing something wrong?

You are currently using the bootloader console, to access command prompt you need to start Windows CE and then run it from start menu.