Do I2C bus in Apalis imx8/imx8x support 10 bit slave address?

Hi, may I know if the I2C buses in Apalis imx8/imx8x support 10 bit slave address? The SOM is running OpenEmbedded image (BSP 5.2).

Some debug info:

  • I tried to access a slave with 10-bit address with I2C_RDWR IOCTL but it doesn’t seems to work. By probing the I2C bus output using a scope, we notice it only send out 1 address byte instead of 2.
  • I written a user mode program to check if the particular I2C adapter (/dev/i2c-17) support I2C_FUNC_10BIT_ADDR functionality. From I2C_FUNCS IOCTL, the functionalities value returned is 0x0FFF0009, which I2C_FUNC_10BIT_ADDR bit (0x02) isn’t set.

According to i.MX 8M Dual/8M QuadLite/8M Quad Applications Processors Reference Manual embedded I2C controller supports only 7bit addresses.

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Thanks @alex.tx. How about Apalis iMX8X?

Looking at “i.MX 8DualX/8DualXPlus/8QuadXPlus Applications Processor Reference Manual” chapter 15 (LPI2C) - it seems to mention 10-bit address is supported. I’m not sure if I look the at the right section though.

Yes, the iMX8X supports 10 bit I2C addresses. However we neither tested this mode nor verified if 10 bits addresses supported by NXP Linux driver. Please note that Apalis iMX8X is discontinued.