Do_compile failure with meta-qt6

I am creating a yocto image using with Dunfell 5.x.y. With [tdx-xwayland] distribution. For machine type colibri-imx8x.

I replaced the meta-qt5 layer with meta-qt6 following this page: Using meta-qt6 | Boot to Qt 6.4.1.

However I am seeing failures when qtbase is being compiled.

See attached log:
yocto-error.txt (65.2 KB)

Hi @nmohan86

Unfortunately we have not added QT6 to our BSP yet and QT does not support Yocto-dunfell so you are in a bit of a bind here. I don’t see anything obvious in the error report that would get it to build for you. Is there a reason you need QT6 with Dunfell? Our next BSP is planned to be on the next Yocto LTS which should be in sync with the QT releases.


As I am starting the UI I want to start development in Qt6 such that I don’t have worry about changing my code later. Also Qt6 has some feature/bug fixes that we need.

When do you expect to release your next BSP ?

We don’t have a target date yet. We are at minimum waiting for the official release of the next Yocto LTS which I believe is scheduled for April.