DMA library on WinCE for T20


Do you provide a DMA library for the colibri T20 on WinCE 7?

Thank you

No we don’t have the DMALibrary available directly. In most cases this is not required, as our libraries already do DMA on their own.

Is there any reason you need direct DMA access to some peripherals? What do you need to do exactly, may be we can help you solving your issue?

Hi Samuel,

We have to directly communicate with FPGA BRAM for a data streaming in real time (about 12 MB/s).
Due to our graphical and software stack, we should use DMA for minimizing CPU usage which is relatively high for now.

Thank you.

@samuel.tx We already use GMI :slight_smile:
We will test and see what is possible.

Thank you for your help.

Are you using the DMA / SNOR bus on the T20? If so, did you already check the sample code for GMI / SNOR. You find there some code snippets for DMA / Memory Bus usage. The function AllocPhysMemCompat which is used in the demo is part of the mapreglib, you find it in the “old” library package.