DMA available for M4 on VF61 with Win CE6 on A5

I’ve been developing an application on M4 core of VF61 and I need the DMA.
Are some of the DMA channels used by the Win CE6 image supplied by Toradex?
Or can I use all the channels on M4 core?


Channels 0 to 10 and 17 to 20 of DMA1 are in use. If you plan to implement DMA on M4 I would advise you to use DMA2 so you wont have any conflicts.

do you mean DMA0 and DMA1 respectively? (see attached image from VFxxx Controller Reference Manual)

Yes DMA1 on your pic

One more question: does the FreeRTOS for M4 use some DMA channel too?

Currently the FreeRTOS BSP for Vybrid’s Cortex-M4 core does not support DMA.