Division by zero not reported


we are investigating some irragularities in our software and are wondering whether exceptions are reported correctly.

I have written short test program where division by zero is done:


a = 4;

b = 0;

c = a/b;

printf(“end %d %d %d\r\n”,a,b,c);

With original image 1.6 there is no exception shown on screen and there is no dump file created.

I have done similiar test with an older system running WinCE 5. There I get a message on screen and a dump file.

Is there a way that such an exception is shown on screen in WEC7 too ?

Find attached project with dvision by zero.
link text

I have found a solution: I have to use AddVectoredExceptionHandler to install a handler where I can display exception information.

Great you found out!
Thx for sharing