Display tool

I successfully set the display resolution to 800x600 using the Display-Tool on one of my modules.

Today I tried the same, but nothing happens.

I put in a USB-stick containing the software and the presettings, selected SVGA 800x600 (tierd others too) but the ‘Apply’ button remains disabled. I saved the settings to the registry, reboot, and get the same default display resolution as before.

Sorry, but now, I ran out of ideas.


With best regards


Hi Gerhad,

If you didn’t change anything else on a module, display settings are read from the config block. This means that if you press “SaveReg” it will save settings to the registry but the module will ignore them at boot.

To have this setting applied in config block you should press “ConfigSave”

For more information you can read this 2 pages →