Display object on MIPI-DSI LCD


My application needs to display some picture and text to a 5’ LCD. This is the LCD that I will be using:

The LCD is interfaced with MIPI-DSI. I’ve no knowledge on how to display picture and text on MIPI-DSI LCD.
Can you share with me on what I need to do on software side to make this happen?


Greetings @kh_ong !

I believe you’ll need to make some changes to the device tree. I don’t have any MIPI-DSI display here to test this out, but please refer to this other community post for more thorough instructions on how to enable your DSI display on the device tree.

Just make sure you’re using the correct values for your specific display. These are usually stated on the display datasheet.

Thanks for your input, @gustavo.tx !

We will be using openEmbedded as the OS instead of Torizon. May I know if it’s possible for us to use some graphical framework such as Qt to develop the GUI?


Regardless of your OS choice (Torizon or custom OE-based), you’ll have to make those changes to the device tree. The procedures vary but the actual device tree nodes should be the same.

It is possible to use Qt to develop your GUI. You can try out our Multimedia Reference Image which comes with Qt preinstalled and later add the Qt recipes on your own image build with OpenEmbedded.