Disbale Debug message in UART A and use for application

Dear Team,

We are using windows CE 7 based VF61 module. Carrier board is Viola Plus.

We are already using UART C and UART Bin our application project. We want to use UART A as well , But UART A is dedicated for debug messages . Can we disable it and switch to some other UART like UART D or E if available. As per the data sheet 5 UARTs are available for this module. We also want to use boot loader feature occasionally. Can you please help us in moving forward from here?

Please take a look here → http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/enable-the-debug-messages#Debug_Message_over_Serial

Even after disabling debug messages you can still use bootloader.
If you want to redirect debug messages output you can only do it on ports A,B and C.

In bootloader you can type set dbg to see all the options available