Disabling NNAPI delegate/Using XNNPACK for TFLite

I am trying to use the XNNPACK delegate on the IMX8MP, to run a TFLite model on the CPU.

However, the model keeps defaulting to using the NNAPI delegate, which unfortunately does not support the operations I need, and therefore fails.

Is there any way to disable the NNAPI backend? I have tried removing the libneuralnetworks.so.1 file but the rootfs is read-only for some reason


Hi @beb ,

Can you please provide us with more information about your setup? Which BSP are you using?

Removing the libneuralnetworks.so.1 would disable the NNAPI backend, can you please try to reflash your image and check if you can remove the library?

Best regards,
Daniel Morais