Disable tty option echo as default?

We just had some trouble reading from the /dev/ttyRPMSG from a program. It always crashed after some messages. In the end we noticed that the “echo” option of the tty driver was the issue. Might I ask what speaks against just disabling it as default? Something like this should do the job or not?

rpmsgtty_driver->init_termios = tty_std_termios;
rpmsgtty_driver->init_termios = rpmsgtty_driver->init_termios.c_lflag & ~ECHO;

Yeah that happened to me in the past too, that is why I explicitly added it to the example:


Disabling by default seems sensible, can you send a patch to the email noted in this README?

Without that hint I probably wouldn’t have found the problem. Thanks a lot. I will send the patch.