Disable display driver on VF50 with WinCE6

Is it possible to disable DCU display driver on VF50? As display is not required by project, customer wants to use it as gpio. On Disable drivers page, there isn’t description about Vybrid module. If it is possible for WinCE, how about the gpiio state during eboot phase ? Is disable splash screen enough to prevent the LCD pins from toggling ?


To disable splash screen you can use this page → Splash Screen on Toradex Computer on Modules | Toradex Developer Center

To disable display driver on WinCE6 you have to use DDI_NOP.dll. You have to build custom image where you replace display driver with this.

You can also use DDI_NOP from here → https://share.toradex.com/6gk87x5mhw0n7p5 ( CE6 version )
and place it to \flashdisk and then change the settings under

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GDI\Drivers] entries
Display and MainDisplay to “\flashdisk\ddi_nop.dll” and save the registry.

Share drive like seems to be obsolete.
Download the attachment and use the DLL for the respective WinCE version