Disable Console for UART_A at runtime

Dear Support Team,

in the articel Configure Serial Port Debug Console is discripted how to disable the Console on the Serial Port. Is it possible to enable/disable the “Debug” Console only at runtime?
If yes, how can I do it?

hi Andre

Which carrier board are you using?

Could you provide some Information for your use case:

  • Why do you want to enable/disable the console at runtime?
  • How do you think to connect to the module, if the console is disabled?

Hi jaski,

I have an application that need the serial Interface for an serial bus protocol on UART_A. If the application is not started then the console are enabled else the application can use the UART_A.

I can’t use an other UART because my carrier board have no other connected UART.

Hi Andre

I could not find anything to switch the console at runtime, but if you use the UART_A for some different communication, maybe you can redirect the log messages to a different channel or reduce the console log level not disturb your serial communication. Check this post, please?

Hi jaski,

okay if I can’t switch off the console at runtime I will check if to reduce the console log level is engoth. Does the SSH connection works, if I disabled the console with ‘#fw_setenv console null’ - Can I enabled the console via SSH?

Yeah, you can connect using SSH to the module even if the console is disabled.

Additionally you can disable/enable the console through ssh, however you have to restart the module to take changes in account.

Thank you for the help, jaski,

you are welcome.

This comment from jaski.tx is helpful

Thanks for your feedback.