Directshow in Portrait mode

I made some classes to enable video output on our application.
We used Colibri T20 running CE7.
I used DirectShow and had good results.
However when I rotated the screen 270 degrees in portrait mode, the display show static but the sound still plays.

I tried it with the built in player Toradex provides, but had the same result.
Anyone have an idea how this can be?

We were using CE7 V1.4 and I tested with CE7 V2.0 and it was fixed.
Any idea exactly what caused this issue?
Since we have a custom OS Image for our applications, switching isn’t that easy for us.

@KevinElaut63: This issue was probably fixed with issue 21163. If you don’t want to migrate to 2.0 you could try to back port the fixed DLLs. From my point of view you would have to get the following DLLs form the 2.0 BSP.

  • libnvvideo_renderer.dll
  • libnvddk_2d.dll

Remark: We did not test this setup and can not warranty that there is no issue with this configuration.