Direct3D Mobile on CE6 & Apalis T30?

The CE6 SDK has header files for Direct3D Mobile, but there are no .lib files. Nor does the current build have the necessary dll files. It’s my understanding that Tegra 3 supports it up to version 9.1. Does Toradex support Direct3D Mobile at all?

My prototype application is written in Win32 using Direct3D 9, and I was hoping I could port it to CE.

Thank You.

Dear @ebbe

I’m afraid there is no Direct3D support for any Tegra module. Historically, Nvidia started implementing it, but they never finished. Maybe that’s when the header files ended up in the SDK.

The only solution I see is, that you port your application to OpenGL ES, but this is probably quite some work.

There’s a Microsoft project which provides a compatibility layer from OpenGL to Direct3D (ANGLE: OpenGL ES to DirectX translation), but I’m not aware of anything similar for the other direction that you would need.

Regards, Andy