Difference between T20 BSP2.4b2 and BSP2.4

what is the difference between T20 WinCE BSP2.4b2 and BSP2.4?
Here I find only the changelog of BSP2.4b2:

But BSP2.4 (tegra_wince7bsp_2.4-20220107.zip) can be downloaded here:

Hi @Julia ,

The Toradex AI Assistant is quite smart, but it didn’t notice that there seems to be a BUG on the release page that somehow prevents the 2.4 (final) release to show up.
You need to click on “View All” to see it:

Hi Germano,

thank you.
Only one additional question:
Is the Known Issue WC-2828 Opening / Closing COM ports also present in BSP2.4b2?

Hi @Julia ,

to be clear:
WC-2828 is only included in BSP 2.4 (final) the BSP 2.4b2 does not include the fix

Hi @germano.tx,
now I am totally confused.
The status of WC-2828 is “Known Issue” then I think it isn’t fixed in BSP 2.4 (final), or?

Hi @Julia ,

Sorry… i was talking about the Fix and you were asking about the issue…
Our Changelog system is a bit confusing…
The 2.4 (final) somehow is not marked as released (BUG in the Changelog system), so it shows fixes as “Known Issues”. If it would show as released it would be marked as “Fixed” like in previous release versions entries. Normally you should not see this state… i’m trying to let our IT fix the status.
But anyway the fix to the known issue is only present in the version it appears on and newer.
And the “known issue” is present in older versions
So that means that the COM open/close issue is present up to 2.4b2 and is only fixed in 2.4 final.

Hope i solved the confusion with this.

Hi @germano.tx,
now it is clear.
Thank you.