Difference between Docker and Podman image

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I prefer Podman over Docker and tried the experimental image. I hope feedback is welcome. :wink:

It seems I can’t connect to my IMX8X board with Visual Studio Code + ApolloX 2.1.0 while I run the 6.3.0 Podman image.

The error is when I try to connect to the board with hostname (or IP, doesn’t matter):

ERROR :: Error trying to connect to .local : undefined

Connecting with SSH from WSL alone does work, and the device can be pinged by hostname and IP from my local notebook.

I updated the IMX8X to a 6.3.0 Docker image and thereafter, it worked to connect. Did something else changes between the images that can cause that?

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Hi @KidIcarus,

we have relayed the information to the IDE team.

Regarding this

I hope feedback is welcome.

Feedback is extremely welcomed! Do you mind sharing more details about why you prefer Podman over Docker? Do you have a particular Podman use case?

Thank you for the swift response @leon.tx

There are two main reasons. First, Podman is root-less which might not be so important for a closed system, but I think it is still good practice. The second one is that from our initial tests, it seems that Podman has a much better boot time compared to Docker.

Furthermore, I believe that Podman will be the successor in the cloud world within the next few years.

Hi @KidIcarus !

The Torizon IDE Extension has no support for TorizonCore Podman experimental images.

The extension expects some specific Docker “pieces” for initialization and to perform some changes.

So, for now, the Podman image is indeed expected to not work with the extension.

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