Device Tree Source is not correctly specified


I’m trying to compile my first custom build of device tree for iMX6DL and I ran into a problem.

I’ve been using the instructions from the following pages, but now I’m stuck.

I tried running the command make dtbs from /u-boot-toradex$ but I get the following error.

LD u-boot



DTC arch/arm/dts/imx6q-icore.dtb

Device Tree Source is not correctly

Please define

or build with
‘DEVICE_TREE=’ argument

make1: *** [arch/arm/dts/unset.dtb]
Error 1

Can you give me an idea of what I might be doing wrong? I have no problem using U-boot to create an SD Card and flash Linux to my module using the correct configuration.



I figured it out. For some reason I wasn’t able to run make dtbs earlier in the /linux-toradex folder. I needed to run make colibri_imx6_defconfig from the Kernel instructions under

Odd, because I was sure I already did that.

Oh well. Now on to the next step.