Device tree configuration for rpmsg and remoteproc for imx7d

Can I get an example of a device-tree configuration for both rpmsg and remoteproc. I have been trying and haven’t had success combining both in the same device tree.

Greetings @CMR!

It seems that our default device tree for the iMX7D is already compatible with RPMsg, but only on our downstream kernel-based BSPs. Can you give more details about your application and needs?

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We are running a freeRTOS application on the m4 communicating with the A7 over multiple rpmsg channels using the BSP version 3 with the 4.14 kernel. We are currently booting from u-boot.

We want to be able to restart the M4 from Linux.

I had been trying to port over to BSP5 for the better remoteproc and rpmsg support. But wasn’t successful in creating a FDT that will allow for both.


Can you share your changes to the device tree? Also, can you tell a bit more about the implementation of restarting M4 from Linux?

Note that our BSP team is currently working on these specific iMX7 M4 issues on BSP 5. You can expect a fix soon. I’ll keep you up to date.