Device got restart automatically

i am using [12031000] Display EDT 5.7" V1.0A
[00121200] Colibri VF61 256MB IT V1.2A
[01421200] Viola Plus Carrier Board V1.2A Plus Modules and i am connecting USB client for remote connection … while i am connecting another USB with this connection then device restarts … i am facing problem in connecting RS 232 via USB ti RS232 it doesnt show any connection … PLZ give me solution ASAP…

Please check if you are powering the board with 5V(±0.25V) and power supply is capable of giving current required.

thnx for ur ans… i got solution

@manisarh What solution do you have? Can you please post it here? I think I am facing a similar problem, and your answer might be helpfull.