Developer Tools Container for TorizonCore Device Tree Overlays

Device Tree Overlays: I modified file “fsl-imx8qxp-colibri-lvds-single-eval-v3.dts” to add some additional GPIO. When I entered command “dtconf build fsl-imx8qxp-colibri-lvds-single-eval-v3.dts”, it resulted in an “Invalid filename”.

Why did i get “Invalid filename”?


Greetings @CEK,

If you want to build a device tree overlay that is not pre-provided by our developer tool container then you need to add the --no-git-repo flag like so: dtconf build --no-git-repo ./custom.dts

By the way the name of the overlay you’re trying to apply happens to be the same name as the device tree itself as seen here:

Is this a coincidence or did you modify the device tree source and are trying to apply that as an overlay? While the syntax for device trees and device tree overlays are similar there are still differences. Namely what I’m trying to say is that if you just modified the device tree source file and try to apply that as an overlay it probably won’t work.

Best Regards,