Develop with Qt Creator on Ubuntu targetting Torizon


I am starting to develop Linux applications with Qt for Toradex SoMs. Currently I have a Colibri T30, for which I built a Linux image and SDK following the guide provided by Toradex using Yocto Project / OpenEmbedded.

I need to develop GUIs for a new product which will use a Verdin SoM, so I started investigating while I was learning with the Colibri T30 that we could use Torizon for the Verdins, because Toradex states it’s production ready and I am still a beginner with Linux and Linux images customization. But I found out that, for Qt development, there is only a Visual Studio extension, which implies using Windows for development, but I need to develop under Ubuntu.

The question is: is there any way of developing Qt apps with Qt Creator under Ubuntu, and cross-compile them for running under Torizon?

Tomás Ayi

Greetings @tomas.ayi,

We are currently in discussion with the Qt company about how we can better collaborate to provide support for Qt on Torizon including integration with their Qt creator. However this type of integration doesn’t exist yet.

Regarding your comment about our Qt support for Visual Studio Extension, I believe you may have misread/misunderstood this. We do have Qt support for our IDE extensions but this is actually on Visual Studio Code which is cross-platform and able to run on Linux/Ubuntu. For more information please see the article here:

Take a look and see if this helps with your developing needs/requirements. If you have any further questions about this please feel free to ask after you’ve taken a look.

Best Regards,