Develop M4 firmware on IMX8 Apalis

Good morning,
I’m quite new with Toradex and I’m having a hard time trying to make even a simple firmware for the Cortex M4 on my Apalis module.
I’m stuck with a couple of things:
I usually program STM32 mcu with their suite where I select my dev board or processor and I can select and configure all the peripherals I need, clocks, etc. I found that there’s this NXP tool (MCUXpresso) with similar characteristics, but I cannot find the exact chip model i have (Apalis iMX8QP) and I don’t know if I can choose another one with the same specs to start developing software.
On the other hand, for debugging I saw in one of your guides that you either recommend a SEGGER debugger (too expensive for my company) or another one but using openOCD. But in your guide (Developing M4 Applications Using Visual Studio Code) the configuration file you use as example for openOCD is for a imx7 chip. Do you have a file for my model?
I would appreciate all the help you could give me regarding this issue, guides, IDE recommended for use, example projects, etc as I’m really stuck and I couldn’t start developing not even a simple blinky project.
Thank you in advance.

Im struggling to get started also. There are numerous articles and have been through both the NXP system control guide and toradex datasheet but it is still not obvious to me how to write some code and program M4