Determine module type

Our custom hardware runs with PXA270, PXA300, PXA300XT and T20 modules. OS is allways WCE 6.0. How can I during boot of my application determine which module the code runs on. Can I use registry? Thanks.

Hi @EmbedX ,

The best way to do this is to use our Toraex Library and query the Module type.
Of course you could also save something into the registry and read it back to find out on what module you’re running.

Here a link to our library:

Use Cop_GetSoc()

NOTE: Even if the New Toradex libraries don’t officially support PXA modules anymorew, the functionality of the Cop_GetSoc() works for PXA too.

You can also check the CoProc_Demo project that comes with the libraries to get an idea of how it works.