Desktop Environment

Hi there,
My project needs to run an application in a web based environment called Electron. My toradex board will be connected to a monitor and some push buttons and leds. Any desktop like environment will do.

I just made some tests with torizonCore with portainer pre-installed and can’t use nothing but the web page of portainer. Is there a desktop version of Torizon OS? Should I try embedded linux (Angstrom) with LXDE ?

I am new at developing embedded linux and hope to get some help in the community. Thanks

I seached for debian based containers:

And found one that can actually help me, a Kiosk mode for my application (which is the reason we choose Electron):

kiosk-mode-browser: Contains the Chromium browser to run web-based GUIs (Web Browser / Kiosk Mode with TorizonCore)

Sure you can try a Kiosk container. You can also use Electron with Angstrom distribution (v2.8) . Please check this article.